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A hibb is a jerkoff who makes people he can tell what to do to do something that he cant even do because he is a lazy douchebag with a diet consisting of anything that gives you bad cholesteral and chews on a toothpick because he thinks he is a badass... But he is not nor will he ever get laid by a women or an attractive man.
Boy 1: "Wow, Coach is being a real douche today."
Boy 2: "I know, we always do stuff he can't do, like his wife"
Boy 1: "Yeah, he's such a hibb and he always will be."
Girl: "Guys! The coach is having a stroke!"
Boy 1:"He'll be a hibb in Hell as well."
by Rico V April 28, 2009
To Be Majorly Retarded, Slow Witted And Over Weight. A Creature Who's Diet Consists Of Only Chips And Who's Life Is Run By An Over Protective Mother.
Stop Being Such A Hibbs
You Silly Hibbs
by Liam Rocks The Socks April 30, 2007
An insult used to disparage all hibernating creatures. Most often used when referring to hedgehogs, Eskimos, and garter snakes.
My grandfather was a beekeeper but they were all hibbs so I let the buzzing bastards loose.
by johnyqd January 11, 2014
someone who is bad at what he or she does
that guy is a hibbs when it comes to being a principal
by harry ballsonyah February 14, 2008
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