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taking a break from stuff ok
you dont use it as an adjective u lil shits
if youre going to use it in a sentence use it right or else you will look idiotic and dumb
dumb motherfucker: "oh im gonna be on hiatus from her ugh shes such a bitch wow"
sass queen: "dude if you're gonna use the word use it right"
dumb motherfucker: *doesnt realize how stupid he sounds*
by fuckyeahmotherfuckers April 24, 2013
29 30
When a person experiences stoppage in their normal bowel movement patterns. A hiatus usually must exceed two days to be noteworthy, unless the person at hand regularly poops like clockwork.
Example 1:
"Damn guys, we need to hit up Taco Bell. I'm on a two day hiatus..."

Example 2:
Friend 1 "I'm starting to worry about this 8 day hiatus I'm on."

Friend 2 "Damn gurl, why don't you unload that shit on the porcelein city???"

Friend 1 "My boyfriend keeps asking for anal sex, so I figure if I say yes and then unleash holy hell 'by accident' he'll never want to do it again."

Friend 2 "......Um...."

Friend 1 "I figure it's worth ruining one pair of sheets if I never have to hear that again."

Friend 2 "That's fucked up."
by VJDay January 24, 2011
31 51
A break from a bitch. If someone is upsetting you, consider taking a hiatus.
Josh: "Ben is making me mad..."

Sally: "Why don'y you consider taking a hiatus? They're the best!"
by jscow December 11, 2010
19 46
taking a break from the pursuit of females for an undetermined amount of time. Normally self-imposed for the purpose of regaining composure.
he is on hiatus for the week.
by tyrone chidlens December 05, 2008
23 105
Drug-user slang: When several friends are sitting in a circle, passing a pipe, and one user holds the pipe and tells us stories instead of fulfilling his obligation by smoking/passing. HIATUS: Holding It And Telling Us Stories.
Guy #1: (holding pipe) So, the cops came, and I fuckin' grabbed my beer and went up to them, and then...
Guy #2: dude! HIATUS!
by ero November 11, 2006
69 193
A small crack or opening, preferably directed toward the anal crack.
The kid played terrible in poker, and therefore was spanked in the hiatus by his mother for his wrongdoing.
by Big Steve December 03, 2004
29 260