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A polite way of greeting a hearing impaired individual.
"Look, there comes old Mrs. Danielson. The poor thing just can't hear anything anymore. Hi-Def!"

"That filthy old man has been sitting on the street for so long that his darn ears have done rotted plumb off. Hi-Def!"

"Hey that's Pete Townsend over there, isn't it? Hi-Def!"
by August 13, 2007
Awesome, Super Cool, Sweet
I jst banged your Super Model mom, it was so hi-def
by Tevin Kripke March 06, 2005
1.being really fresh, cool, or noticable in a popular or in attractive clothing.
2.well known and respected.
louis vuitton bag, gucci shoes, and polo shit he's in hi-def right now.
by Universal The Untouchable February 18, 2008
A stronger form of def (definitely). Pun on Hi-Def T.V.s
"You're coming, right?"
"Hi-def, shorty."
by Blibnick October 30, 2006
The state of being so high, usually on marijuana, that the stoner becomes deaf. Often associated with being so absorbed watching HDTV that everything else is ignored. Inspired by a high deaf kid who gets deafer as he gets higher.
Peter was so hi-def that he couldn't even hear the police siren as they pulled up to arrest him for dealing hella-weed.
by Powderhead May 01, 2007
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