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A kinder, more gentle and playful word used to describe the asshole, rectum, and/or anus.
"My mystery hole sure does hurt something bad today."

"How in the world did she get that thing inside her mystery hole in the first place?"
by April 09, 2006
1233 41
A phrase used to describe the art of shopping at large numbers of yard sales, garage sales, and estate sales.
"I can't WAIT to go yard sailing this weekend!"

"Yard sailing is my favorite activity of late."

"There's nothing I would rather do than go yard sailing."
by April 28, 2006
1215 29
An expensive sports car or similarly overpriced automobile that is driven by an asshole in an attempt to impress others.
"I don't know why Mr. Peabody feels the need to drive that horrible new rectumobile. He must be going through a mid-life crisis."

"Gertrude is driving one of those annoying rectumobiles now. Doesn't she realize that everyone thinks she's nothing more than a pathetic old maid with money?"

"There are so many rectumobiles on the road. It just goes to show how many assholes there are in the world."
by December 23, 2006
1244 66
An affectionate term used to describe farting, flatulance, or offensive odors and/or sounds originating from the rectum.
"Her tailwind is about the loudest I've ever heard."

"Tommy was mighty proud of his powerful tailwind."

"If you can't beat 'em, blow 'em away with tailwind."
by April 09, 2006
1188 27
A polite way of greeting a hearing impaired individual.
"Look, there comes old Mrs. Danielson. The poor thing just can't hear anything anymore. Hi-Def!"

"That filthy old man has been sitting on the street for so long that his darn ears have done rotted plumb off. Hi-Def!"

"Hey that's Pete Townsend over there, isn't it? Hi-Def!"
by August 13, 2007
1180 37