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13 definitions by Lars

Word that has been whored out beyond belief. Often when ever you go into a large room and scream it, you'll be responded to by many "OKAY!"s by many people trying desperately to sound like Lil' John.
"What's up, dude?"
by Lars March 04, 2005
712 251
Metallica 1991 - Present
I just picked up the new Alternica CD St. Anger, it's so awesome I'll put it right beside Deftones and The Offspring!
by Lars July 03, 2003
37 11
Someone who does not know what a GarfNart is.
Falk is one big GarfNart.
by Lars April 18, 2005
53 43
A short-saying for high-definition.
Aww snap, dawg, that's a hi-def T.V.!
by Lars March 02, 2005
17 7
Term commonly and excessively used by John B. referring to any person/object within yelling distance. Meaning useless piece of fuck, little shit head, assface, etc.
"Fuckin' cocksucking piece of shit toilet. What a swaggart!" -John B.
by Lars November 13, 2004
11 15
A gay guy who rushes around behaving erratically in an attempt to behave more outwardly straight.
"he's going chimpers"
by lars October 08, 2004
5 11
A homesexual who likes to sp00n young white boys with hairy backs.
Little Johnny likes to echo jump his roomate
by Lars October 25, 2003
2 9