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The state of being so high, usually on marijuana, that the stoner becomes deaf. Often associated with being so absorbed watching HDTV that everything else is ignored. Inspired by a high deaf kid who gets deafer as he gets higher.
Peter was so hi-def that he couldn't even hear the police siren as they pulled up to arrest him for dealing hella-weed.
by Powderhead May 01, 2007
A polite way of greeting a hearing impaired individual.
"Look, there comes old Mrs. Danielson. The poor thing just can't hear anything anymore. Hi-Def!"

"That filthy old man has been sitting on the street for so long that his darn ears have done rotted plumb off. Hi-Def!"

"Hey that's Pete Townsend over there, isn't it? Hi-Def!"
by www.babysue.com August 13, 2007
Awesome, Super Cool, Sweet
I jst banged your Super Model mom, it was so hi-def
by Tevin Kripke March 06, 2005
A short-saying for high-definition.
Aww snap, dawg, that's a hi-def T.V.!
by Lars March 02, 2005
1.being really fresh, cool, or noticable in a popular or in attractive clothing.
2.well known and respected.
louis vuitton bag, gucci shoes, and polo shit he's in hi-def right now.
by Universal The Untouchable February 18, 2008
An excuse to buy a new TV.
Sure my TV is nice, but it's not hi-def.
by Gabe J. December 14, 2008
A stronger form of def (definitely). Pun on Hi-Def T.V.s
"You're coming, right?"
"Hi-def, shorty."
by Blibnick October 30, 2006