GOD of everything.
that Hezekiah is amazing!
by ;aisefoienvq April 29, 2009
A cute boy or man with extremely blue eyes and blonde hair.
Oh look Susan that guy is such a Hezekiah.
by angelswolf25 August 11, 2008
A guy who seems nice, but when you get to know him he's very hyprcritical. He treats people like dirt and doesn't deserve the woman he "Loves". He acts like the best boyfriend in the world, but when she or anyone close to her does something stupid that involves her, he'll get so mad at HER, it's ridiculous. No one deserves a Hezekiah.
"Hey, did you see what Hezekiah did to his girlfriend today? How could he care about that kind of thing? He needs to let her live her life."
"I know! He was so insensitive towards her, she needs someone better..."
"I hope she realizes how he's treating her is not acceptable."
by Redsunglasses27 October 13, 2011

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