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A "hexy" person is usually one who comes off as a rude but somehow sexy person, a sort of "out of your league" type of guy. However on the inside he's got the biggest heart out of anyone out there. Hexies are usually turned from generally nice people to mean ones from being pushed around by or taken advantage of by another person in their life. So in general, they are the misunderstood.
Hex: "Man, it's not MY fault that I'm so Hexy"
by TealTastic September 19, 2011
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a way of saying Hey Sexy all in one word
Jon- Hexy girrrl
Nicole- heyyy
by rehar October 04, 2007
new sterotype.
forget scene and emo.
hexy is where its at.
jessyBELLE + katieCATFOOD are well HEXY! (;
by jessyBELLE September 19, 2007
hot and sexy all together


Hella sexy
hey boo you lookin hexy
by Candysw33t May 21, 2010
1.txt/instant chat talk to say hey/hello sexy. it helps with typing/texing in most instances during school at work or just at home.

2. When some african american people talk they mean to say heck but they really say hexy because of some steriotyped accent.

3. to be arousing in a homosexual way
1. Jordan: heyy how are you

Nicole: Hexy :) im fine

2. WhiteGuy: i just lost $700

BlackGuy(no racism intened) awww hexy

3. Gayman1: wow look at him

Gayman2: Wow yea hes hexy
by Wagner1337 September 16, 2009
Hot and sexy. All in one.
"Oooh. What a hexy guy."
by Superman May 04, 2004
When some african american people talk they mean to say heck but they really say hexy.. it can also mean hot and sexy but i didnt want to go with the trend.
Eric: Damn i got alot of change in here (starts pullin out change)
Greg: He busting out the bank. HEXY NA!

another example
Eric/Greg: you know who is really gay?
Mac: who?
Mac: Hexy yee
by Eric/ Greg November 06, 2004

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