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A hardcore fan of the anime/webcomic Axis Powers Hetalia. Has watched all of the episodes, read all of the webcomic, and knows all the latest news from Hidekaz Himaruya, Hetalia's creator. Stalks the Hetalia blog frequently.

Signs of a Hetalian:

Giggles in History class (especially when the teacher mentions USA and Britian's "special relationship")

Uses various Hetalia mercendise at school, ex: Italy pencil case, France marker/highlighter

Owns at least one Hetalia shirt

Bought the Hetalia boxset (This one is sort of optional, due to the fact that half the Hetalia fans love the dub, and half of them despise it.)

When mentioning a nation in a conversation, they use "he" or "she"

Hetalians can be hetafags, but not always are
Student A:*giggle*

Student B: What's so funny? Its just history class.

Student C: Must be a Hetalian
by Orzly September 23, 2010
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