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Hestia (Vesta), sister of Zeus.
Hestia is the virgin Greek goddess of the hearth and home.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ August 04, 2010
Hestia is the coolest goddess ever! she doesnt usully like to get involved, but when shes pushed into a situation she really goes all ou. Posieden and Appolo are like, head over heels for her, but Hestia, being the nice girl she is, decided that instead of choosing one over the other, and hurting ones feelings she swore her virginity on zeus.
Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite:

Hestia is a queenly maid whom both Poseidon and Apollo sought to wed. But she was wholly unwilling, and stubbornly refused; and touching the head of father Zeus who holds the aegis, she, that fair goddess, swore a great oath which has in truth been fulfilled, that she would be a maiden all her days. So Zeus the Father gave her an high honor instead of marriage, and she has her place in the midst of the house and has the richest portion. In all the temples of the gods she has a share of honor, and among all mortal men she is chief of the goddesses.
by footballer69inlove's Lover May 10, 2006

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