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A story submitted to the website (coming soon).

Random Act of Heroism© is a selfless action with dramatic impact.
"Another evening sitting with my father at the hospital was pretty hard. I’ve never felt so empty. Driving out of the parking lot, I stopped my car and rolled down the window for the cashier.

Without looking up she said, 'The guy who just drove out already paid for you,' and then she looked at me and smiled. I'd just experienced one of those Heroisms I've heard so much about. Suddenly, I wasn’t alone. "
by Wendy Pan February 09, 2012
Extreme and utter stupidity that can get you laid.
Girl: Wow, you just saved me from that train!

Boy: Apparently I did.

Boy's Best Friend: What an act of heroism. Dumbass.

Girl: Here's my phone number.

Boy's Best Friend: Son of a bitch!
by DorkVader January 08, 2010
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