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The best series ever made in the whole entire world ( my opinion). It has five books ( the fifth wont be out till next fall). Its about demigod friends that go through obstacles to defeat monster. It would be easier to understand if you read at least the first book from the Percy Jackson series.
Percy Jackson - Son of Poseidon ( Jupiter)

Annabeth Chase - Daughter of Athena (Minerva

Leo Valdez - Son of Hephaestus (Vulcan)

Nico Di Angelo - Son of Hades (Pluto)

Hazel Levesque - Daughter of Pluto ( Hades)

Jason Grace - Son of Zeus ( Jupiter)

Frank Zhang- Son of Mars ( Ares )

Piper McLean- Daughter of Aphrodite ( Venus)

Basically the main characters.

In Heroes of Olympus .
by PASSSTTAAA! March 17, 2014

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