Amazing people in your life that give you a reason to get up in the morning!
My heros are my friends
by Jessicrazy January 01, 2008
adj. 1. extremely appealing, fashionable or cool. 2. sick
"Sara had a hero idea: skip class."
by Mr. Mack November 30, 2007
1.someone who tries too hard to achieve something that is not hard to achieve or or has minimal reward in doing so. outdated super-hero
"Don't be a hero."

Napoleon Dynamite plays tetherball like a hero.
by Chris M...... September 11, 2007
A person that goes up and beyond to achieve their goals; they are respected for their accomplishments.
My aunt is a hero; she got perfect grades in school and went on to be a doctor.
by A-Ray11 April 23, 2007
A hero is a dude who THINKS he's the coolest guy/girl going, but really is not, however it is funny to let said hero believe he is cool, so calling him a hero is the funny thing to do.
Who? Joey Rumbolt? He's a hero
by Bossdawg December 02, 2009
A person that tries too hard to be involved in a situation, with the purpose of being seen.
'Damn HERO?!.. take a breath'
by cnciz October 04, 2003
street name for heroin
i need some hero
by rachel June 21, 2003

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