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Popularized by the East Saint Louis black community, it simply means somebody who is not in the know of things, or is often left out of group of activities, because one is Henter is though to be square.
"Hey check it out guys, I just robbed an old man."-D-Dawg.
(Not listening)"Okay, so you go over there, hide behind the bushes.
D-Dawg comes on the scene.

"Hey guys, whatch-...."
*The plans by the two black individuals are now being concealed.
"Get the PHUCK from round here punk ass bitch!! You just a little henter!"-Jerelle
#poopbutt #faggot #gabe #caleb #nigger
by Shad Jackson December 23, 2007
High grade marijuana.
I got blown off one hit of that henter.
#nug #flame #marijuana #pot #bud #weed #mary jane #shtent #shlomp #high
by necrocreation September 25, 2011
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