An important figure in American History who never seems to die. Many say he is still alive today.
Person 1: Oh my God! Osama Bin Laden is dead!!
Person 2: But.. but... where will Henry Clay hide then?!
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by bkue May 06, 2011
Top Definition
A hot piece of history sex. Known for his 4 failed runs for the presidency and his amazing ability to form compromises in a pig-headed congress. Responsible for the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850, which in fact DELAYED the Civil War for 10 years, giving the North time to grow strong enough to defeat the south, meaning Clay is the reason slavery no longer exists. Not related to the devil. A cult favorite of AP US history students. And hot. Did we mention hot?
Henry Clay is my homeboy.

Compromise me, Clay!
#history #not devil #booty call #compromise #ap us history #clay #h-clay
by kurt's bane October 15, 2007
Henry Clay is a drinking game, combining the games of flip cup and power-hour. From 4-8 people is best, and each person is on his/her own team. Instead of messing with the up-down-up foolishness that accompanies flip cup, once the song changes on the power hour, the competitors know when to drink and flip. The last one to flip is eliminated. Keep playing till you get a champion, and then start a new game without interrupting the power hour. Note: Even though a competitor can be elimated, he/she must drink every time a song changes.
Connor always lost at Henry Clay because he was never ready for power hour song change.
#flip cup #drinking #power hour #cassius clay #beer
by Boone Slug June 29, 2011
a term coined after the 19th century ne'er-do-well political figure known for making compromises that made things worse and running for president and losing. four times. in a modern context, this term is used to express a degree of extreme failure, especially pertaining to schoolwork.
that test was so hard, i think i just pulled a henry clay.

the essay i just wrote lost more elections than henry clay.

she studied for hours only to get an f on her APUSH test. what a henry clay.

good luck with that president thing, henry clay.
#henry #clay #fail #apush #america #history #test #election #poop
by rgb1777 December 13, 2009
The most diabolical fiend ever spawned from the nine hells

-He Started the Civil War
-He is responsible for the conflict in Liberia
-He was born in 1777, 111 years before 1666 (666 = evil #)
-Corrupt barganing with Andrew Jackson
Henry Clay Started the civil war and therfore is responsible for the deaths of over 600,000 americans
by Kurt March 28, 2004
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