Shortened version of Hennessey cognac, descriptive of the good life, particularly for alcoholics.
I came close to a relapse last night; I saw an old girlfriend at the Club. She was sipping Henn, and it hit me: Henn and titties, titties and Henn.
by yomama March 15, 2004
Top Definition
Short for Hennessey, an expensive high-class cognac popular among the ghetto fabulous.
"Here, try this hallucinogen. It's better than heroin, Henn, the booze, and the gin." -Eminem, "My Fault (Mushrooms)"
by Nick D January 16, 2004
A nickname for any trendy person that lives in NYC.
That person always shops at the premier boutiques and frequents the classiest lounges on Broadway, she is such a henn.
by Brian Look September 27, 2006
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