a varicose condition of the external or internal rectal veins causing painful swellings at the anus. Syn: piles.

G. haimorrhois, pl. haimorrhoides, veins likely to bleed, fr. haima, blood, + rhoia, a flow

"a pain in the ass"---OR my ex-wife
I need to go buy some more Preparation-H, my hemorrhoid wants more alamony
by buck_futter_jr June 19, 2003
Someone who is attractive at first then becomes very annoying.
Jack: Why did you break up with Susan?
Jim: She's the type of woman who grows on you then becomes a real pain in the ass.
Jack: Ah, a hemorrhoid.
by Ebullient Gideon June 30, 2011
a synonym for anus boils
That guys has a serious case of hemorrhoids! I'm talking those anus boils were falling out of his ass all over the place!
by Krazy K December 21, 2002
an ass vein blowout that happens when you sneeze, cough, fart and burp (a.k.a. "snoughfurp") at the same time.
I snoughfurped on the couch last night, and now I have a hemorrhoid.
by Charles Fina, Fort Wayne, IN March 31, 2011
A literal pain in the ass.
I have hemorrhoids. Turns out my ex-wife isn't the only pain in the ass in my life.
by Botich September 17, 2011
A derogatory word used in customer service positions to describe difficult black customers. Similar to, "shine."
"How was work today honey?"

"It was okay untill these hemorrhoids came in at the last minute and tried to haggle the prices way down."
by Tomahhtoe August 15, 2009
what Cheney and Bush are... one big pain in the a**...
Man stop being such a hemorrhoid!!
by A giant sinkhole July 17, 2006

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