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When balls-deep just is not deep enough, you gotta keep on pushing through.
Man, I was balls-deep in Joleen last night when she screamed "deeper", so I went for helms-deep.
by ahrnygoose November 01, 2010
A phrase that is being gradually used by gamers that means "hell yea!" This phrase originated from the Ventrilo of Counter Strike and Ultima Online players and has nothing to do with the scene from Lord of the Rings.
Me: Hey guys want to have a CS scrim?
Friends: Helms deep!
Me: Oh helms dyke!
by RealVision March 24, 2009
A place of gathering for shindigs. It is also known as an impenetrable fortress; this is an impenetrable fortress for shindigs and parties alike. All the residents of Helms Deep throughout the ages have been known throughout the land for their strikingly handsome good looks and stud-ly appeal. It's been rumored that a former resident of Helms Deep is Brad Pitt. This sacred ground of Helms Deep has held many banquets of shindigs, pool parties and other intimate gatherings such as game nights.
"What's Helms Deep?"
"An impenetrable fortress that contains the three best looking men in the Sacramento tri-county area."

"I got schlammered at a shindig at Helms Deep the other night!"
by Gondoa April 04, 2011
to cut and paste from one message board to another whilst claiming to know the gossip 'first hand'
i saw Tom Cruise the other day and he told me all about his new film.
by popbitch April 29, 2003
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