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When balls-deep just is not deep enough, you gotta keep on pushing through.
Man, I was balls-deep in Joleen last night when she screamed "deeper", so I went for helms-deep.
by ahrnygoose November 01, 2010
When a man tucks his balls into the vagina while fucking, becoming stuck inside the vagina.
I tried to pull outta Cindy but we were accidentally coupling and I ended up jizzin in her hoo-hah.
by ahrnygoose November 01, 2010
Fucking a chick in the ass while going down a waterslide.
Steve and Mindy were kicked out of Waterville for performing a back-alley bobsled.
by ahrnygoose September 22, 2010
Tucking your balls into a woman experiencing menstruation.
A Meatball Calzone is a great cure for menstrual hunger.
by ahrnygoose November 01, 2010

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