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(n.) Model Ring Rat. just a cool guy
Helmick kicks ass
by lsadfja;ls jf March 22, 2003

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cheat con-man lousy politician poor worker
1. To completely screw someone over in a business deal.

2. To make great promises to a customer and then deliver subpar work.

3. To pretend to be faithful to your spouse and then cheat on her mulitple times.
"Rod, you were supposed to split the retail profits with me 50-50! Don't Helmick me!"

"Rod, why are you charging me for this consultant work that was entirely lousy? Are you trying to Helmick me?!"

"Rod, are you really doing your marriage any good by having sex with hookers in New York, while your wife is home taking care of the kids? You shouldn't Helmick her!"
by Retail Manager May 22, 2009