Hot as hell. Half demon half angel. Rare as hell. Never let one of them go. Doesn't let anybody tell her what to do. Never lets people words get to her. Has a tendency to stick up for herself, her friends and her family. She is also the most strictest person you will ever meet. Don't get on her bad side.
Some girl said "You are a ugly ass whore"
Hell's Angel "Go rot in hell bitch, your not welcome here"
by Wolf of Hell May 20, 2015
A motorcycle gang that go across the USA and Canada. Gang members will need a Harley Davidson inorder to join the Gang.
In 1997, in Qubec, Canada. The Hells angel had a huge gun fight with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and the Candian Swat team.
by Justin February 28, 2005
A large group of people in a biker gang spreading across North America.. wearing leather vests and dealing mostly in drug dealing
Aaron is so not in the Hell's Angels.. he doesn't even own a bike.
by Aurelle October 20, 2006
Hells Angels ....A huge motorcycle gang that started in cali in the 60's and has now spread up the west coast and is now one of the dominating gangs in Vancouver BC's drug trafficing. In vancouver the gang is at war with the UN gang , the Red Scorpions , and anyone else who wants to pick a fight. They have spread as far east as Montreal Quebec.
Carlos: Sorry im late for work boss. Another Hells Angels got killed so all the H.A. members decided to fuck up traffic for half a day while they all go to the funeral.

Boss man: Basterds....
by 604COQ September 27, 2010
bunch of motorbike riders who think there pretty tough
they can only fight people when accompanied by there bike bum buddies
when by themselves they are pussies
Bikie:hey guythz lets bash up that guy over there
Other Bikies:ok go get him
Bikie:Come with me hells angels coz i'm a pussy
by N O O N G A H April 22, 2009

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