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1. A sumptuous mixture of various left over dishes combined together with aggression, loathing and majesty in a large pan or wok. A hellmix often occurs after a heavy night of drinking where takeaway was eaten and the recipients sufficiently cuntoxed at the critical ordering stage. This results in a fucking stupid amount of food being delivered, much of which lays discarded. This situation can however be made good the following morning by tipping it all into a single pan and creating glorious glorious hellmix, a dish so much more than the sum of its parts that brings despair and dark eroticism to all who taste it.

2. A mixture of anything that appears to have been combined with the requisite levels of hatred and genius.
1. "Pass me another bowl of steaming hellmix Eric, you beautiful bastard. I want to start the day with a healthy dose of heartburn and acquire an arsehole like a Japanese flag by lunchtime"

2. "I can't be fucked to clean the house, do we still have any of that hellmix we brought back from glade? I really feel that a nervous restless energy accompanied by harrowing visuals and an inexplicable crushing feeling of dread is really going to get me in a cleaning vibe.."
by ItsUncleGarry February 22, 2013
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