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Combination of Hella and Delicious. Meaning something is really delicious.
That sandwich was hellicious.
by K-Noodle September 28, 2009
11 1
When something is hot (spicy) and delicious, it is hellicious.
Man, that 3-alarm chili was hellicious! I can't feel my tongue... in a good way.
by thehotpepper.com September 17, 2009
4 1
Hellicious can refer to two things. Hellicious can either mean something is akin to the stereotype of hell- basically it sucks.
Hellicious can also refer to the amazing kind of hell, symbolizing no boundaries - meaning cool.
Depending on sentence structure the meaning of the word is confirmed in the mind of the reader.

It's an adjective and can be used as a verb
Me: This is so hellicious, you moving.
Alex: Is that in the dictionary?
by Obsidian Claire July 10, 2008
4 2
Hella delicious or hellishly delicious
1.You see that fine young thing over there? shes hellicious to the max!

2.That steak was hellicious
by Thedood951 August 21, 2007
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