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Combination of Hella and Delicious. Meaning something is really delicious.
That sandwich was hellicious.
by K-Noodle September 28, 2009
When something is hot (spicy) and delicious, it is hellicious.
Man, that 3-alarm chili was hellicious! I can't feel my tongue... in a good way.
by September 17, 2009
Hellicious can refer to two things. Hellicious can either mean something is akin to the stereotype of hell- basically it sucks.
Hellicious can also refer to the amazing kind of hell, symbolizing no boundaries - meaning cool.
Depending on sentence structure the meaning of the word is confirmed in the mind of the reader.

It's an adjective and can be used as a verb
Me: This is so hellicious, you moving.
Alex: Is that in the dictionary?
by Obsidian Claire July 10, 2008
Hella delicious or hellishly delicious
1.You see that fine young thing over there? shes hellicious to the max!

2.That steak was hellicious
by Thedood951 August 21, 2007
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