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Fort Bragg NC and surrounding area for those who so carelessly volunteered to jump out of planes and ended up in fayetnam it's definitely hell on earth and the worst existence.
"The army wasn't so bad then I ended up in the 82nd abn Fort Bragg NC this place is hell on earth"
by CSM Love October 20, 2013
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Fresno.. 559!!
There is a place thats weather is hotter then hell.. And it is Fresno.. HELLonEARTH!!.. along with alot of marijuana and meth and bro's/hoe's/people who play dress up and call themselves cowboys/girls.. dicks/chicks that have dicks/illiterate gang bangers and in general illiterate people.. to be honest i think the only good thing about fresno is the bars and food.. and even all that i dont have alot of amazing choice words for!!
by hella. November 16, 2010
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