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1) A small town in Michigan that is about an hour's drive away from the MSU area. This town has two buildings. (As I said, SMALL.) The first is an "Ice Scream" store, which also sells t-shirts with slogans such as "Been through Hell" and various other souveniers. The other is a small post office, which will singe the edges of letters and postmark them from Hell. Popular place to send allomony checks from. Will also sell you a square inch of Hell for $6.66.

Due to Hell's location, it really does freeze over quite often.

2) A fictional place of torture during the afterlife. A place Unitarians don't believe in.

3) Any place you don't want to be.
1) So, I was walking through Hell yesterday and it was freezing, man. There was almost four inches of snow on the ground.

2)Oh noes! You stole that pen you found in the street?! You're going to Hell!

3) Oh, God. My mom's making us go to Hell. Something about a speech she's giving. All I know is we're spending 4 hours in some hot, sweaty auditorium.
by Maggalaggadingdong August 27, 2006
55 22
We all go through it. It is hell.
by Tiffany Chica July 28, 2009
11 36
math class
math student comeing in late: wait, where are we?
other student: hell
by charliidarling April 14, 2009
9 34
Also known as high school.
Welcome to hell, freshmens.
by amber_lynne09 July 12, 2008
30 55
A place that is slightly more interesting than heaven, and where you will be less likely to suffer from boredom.
Hell, unfortunately, has a bad PR department, and is made out to be a bad place by heaven.
Truth be told, the AC and in Hell is terrible, and the smell is terrible. It's actually a lot like a dorm.
"Hell ain't a bad place to be" - Brian Johnson
by Longcat is Looooooooooooooooooong February 29, 2008
13 38
A city in Maine. Probably named by some dude that hated life.
Guy 1: soo where do you live?

Hot chick: In Hell.

Guy 1: Uhh...wanna cyber?
by Reppin Da Tree Oh Figh December 28, 2004
29 54
The burning place you go when you do not complete God's will while on Earth.
You're all SINNERS.
You're all got to a Painful, Everlasting, Fiery HELL.
by Death By Definition December 29, 2004
9 35
An imaginary world concocted over time to enslave masses of religious people, and force them into a state of living fear, paranoia and utter suppression which often has led people into severe depression, doubting their life, enabling them to participate in destructive lifestyles, and worse. Hell, the concept has kept billions of human beings from living their full unobstructed purpose in life. Most purported Holy texts, and faiths have perpetrated a fraud onto their believers for one sole purpose - to exact control and dominance over their lives, their wealth, their potential and their freedom.

In my opinion you can have God and not have hell, which is if you are a believe of God, a more sane idea.
Hell is a fairy tale concocted over time to subjugate mankind into submission, and it's 100% unprovable.
by devilgold March 03, 2010
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