1) A small town in Michigan that is about an hour's drive away from the MSU area. This town has two buildings. (As I said, SMALL.) The first is an "Ice Scream" store, which also sells t-shirts with slogans such as "Been through Hell" and various other souveniers. The other is a small post office, which will singe the edges of letters and postmark them from Hell. Popular place to send allomony checks from. Will also sell you a square inch of Hell for $6.66.

Due to Hell's location, it really does freeze over quite often.

2) A fictional place of torture during the afterlife. A place Unitarians don't believe in.

3) Any place you don't want to be.
1) So, I was walking through Hell yesterday and it was freezing, man. There was almost four inches of snow on the ground.

2)Oh noes! You stole that pen you found in the street?! You're going to Hell!

3) Oh, God. My mom's making us go to Hell. Something about a speech she's giving. All I know is we're spending 4 hours in some hot, sweaty auditorium.
by Maggalaggadingdong August 27, 2006
A powerful tool of decpetion. Christians have made up a place where people will be in eternal torture if they don't agree with them. For some reason, recently it has come to mean a place for bad people to go, but it never says that anywhere in the writings of hell. Horrible people who are good christians will go to heaven the same as the good people, and moral people of other religions will burn with the bad people.

I realize someone has already said this but i agree entirly.
this is the only true statment about HELL
Knowing your going to get Robbie Williams played at your funeral.
"Robbie Williams is annoying as Hell"
by MarthSillyass January 09, 2006
the place where our nation is currently headed.
under the current leadership, our country is going to hell in a handbasket.
by oddkin April 29, 2005
the german word for dark
so.. dark is hell, then hell mst be dark
me: Hell is german for dark
dmbass: So, the german hell is dark!
me: *bitch slaps that motherfucker*
by NO March 30, 2005
Hell is a town in Michigan. And it's really cold in Michigan. I should know, for I live there, in the lower pennisula. The lp is also where Hell is located. It's a lie if any one says Hell doesn't freeze over! And a snowball has a better chance in Hell then in a turned on oven. Remember that.
Person: I'll go out with you when Hell freezes over.
Me: Then I'll talk to you come December.
by lethalSelphie December 31, 2004
Where Mike belongs...
Girl: Mike go to hell!
Mike: I don't know how
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004
same fear tactics used by the bush administration after 9/11, but earlier.
"Hell could get you at any time!"
by Biafra J August 23, 2004
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