A homosexual man
Did you see that guy over there? He has to be heims.
by John Bakalis August 04, 2008
Top Definition
To smoke weed..
Lets go heim man
by Heim leet January 12, 2009
a derogatory word for a Jewish person, or someone who is a miser or cheapskate (can also be spelled h-i-m-e).
"that heim was being a hime when he didn't wanna pay full price for the meal."
by Polo November 11, 2003
Hims are guys that would do anything for each other, excluding: homosexual activity, dressing up in women's clothes, and lending a shoulder to cry on (heims don't cry).
Jon W is my heim, me and that heim go back to heim school where we illegally bought cigarettes from Swifty.
by MRKLTFU August 25, 2011
A very popular term at the moment, especially with college kids, which means a very bad blowjob. Can also reference a guy giving a gay blowjob.
Yeah, we went to that party last night, and Sally gave me a Felheim.
by Sylassa June 18, 2007
Another word for shit.
I drank too much last night, I was completly heimfaced.
by Hu October 09, 2003
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