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To smoke weed..
Lets go heim man
by Heim leet January 12, 2009
a derogatory word for a Jewish person, or someone who is a miser or cheapskate (can also be spelled h-i-m-e).
"that heim was being a hime when he didn't wanna pay full price for the meal."
by Polo November 11, 2003
Hims are guys that would do anything for each other, excluding: homosexual activity, dressing up in women's clothes, and lending a shoulder to cry on (heims don't cry).
Jon W is my heim, me and that heim go back to heim school where we illegally bought cigarettes from Swifty.
by MRKLTFU August 25, 2011
A homosexual man
Did you see that guy over there? He has to be heims.
by John Bakalis August 04, 2008
by Michael August 28, 2003
A very popular term at the moment, especially with college kids, which means a very bad blowjob. Can also reference a guy giving a gay blowjob.
Yeah, we went to that party last night, and Sally gave me a Felheim.
by Sylassa June 18, 2007
A word used as a subsitute for the word shit.
What a piece of heim. That's bullheim.
by Tyler October 01, 2003