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When you want to make a word sound more intense, you 'heggie' it. Instantly makes any word ten times better.

F: How are you todayy
B: I'm Hegstatic

F: What was it like yesterday ?
B: Heggarama

F: You okay?
B: I'm Hegsellent!

by Bumblbee13 March 03, 2009
A large family that loves to be loud and have fun
wow that family is so heggie
by heggie October 28, 2008
A dirty little sex kitten, abused at sea. Often as ships pet. Weirdly alluring to women, Drake only knows why! Ape like features and extremely hairy. Overly relaxed and slow, naturally high all the time, but a generally good egg.
Man, i don't want to be Heggie'd!

Stop acting like a Heggie.

Dirty, Dirty Heggie.

Down boy, DOWN!!!
by Drunken Sailors February 05, 2010

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