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Man (or lady) with a bald patch on their head. egg in the nest
*Bibz sees a man with a 'Heg'* "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGG!"
by Fat Ste November 14, 2006
(v.) When one vomits, then re-ingests, and vomits again.

(n.) See verb; the product of verb.

(v.) "ughh I think I just hegged!"

(n.) "eww, my heg was disgusting last night."
by Mary! May 11, 2008
Can also be spelled "heg", stands for "Hot English Girl" and can be used to any attractive girl in the same english class as oneself. created by a college student who realized the enormous percentage of girls in english classes that are physically good looking.

note: it is strongly advised not to vary this definition to fit other classes. this can result in dangerously misleading acronmyn, such as "h.a.g." or "h.o.g."
-Yo dude, did you see that h.e.g. in 3rd period?
- Awwww ya! I totally want to hit that while reading some Shakespeare!
by theguyyouknow June 03, 2006
1) cool
2) fuck (ing)
3) a mix of both fucoo
1) wow! that is so Hegging cool!
2) you are so Heg!
by meg and hannah December 26, 2005