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A technique used by skilled Dance Dance revolution players where the player uses one foot to control 2 arrows at the same time; Using their Heel for one arrow while simultaneously using their Toe for another.
Its done fast and its almost hard to catch with the human eye.

This technique is evident in the famous DDR video on youtube of "JSB VS REFLEX - Legend Road" WHere you can see JSB using this Heel-toe technique to achieve an AA.

This technique is also founded by the Legendary JSB.
Fanboy1: dude! did you see jsblade in that legend of Max video? His feet were on fire!

Fanboy2: yup, he was totally heel-toeing!
by bovineexcrement January 20, 2012
using your heel to press down the brake in a car while, at the same time, pressing down the gas pedal with your toes of the same foot. this causes high rpm which could make it easier to switch from higher or lower gears more quickly.
"I flew by him as i used the heel toe-ing maneuver, expertly."
by Eljato September 10, 2008
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