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A lovely, sweet and spiritual being
I aspire to be like Hedy
by Guru February 24, 2004
someone who is giggling a lot. pronounced: 'he-dee'
gary is being very hedy.
by brockoli October 02, 2007
Geordie way of saying 'blowjob'
Why aye man, I gave Steve a reyt hedy behind that skip last neyt.
by Deffo not Adam Cunliffe September 04, 2012
Noun: a fat bitch or whore who gossips about everyone around her. she thinks she's skinny and sexy while other people around her think she's fat, ugly and a slut. a hedy also wears a lot of make up and wears expensive clothing that looks cheap and skimpy. hedys also rent house instead of buying them and usually have thunder thighs. Another quality of a hedy is that they randomly swear at people and are wannabes. Hedies also think they're popular even though everyone in real life hates her. A hedy cannot be a male even though the girl (s) that are like hedies look like they have dicks.
Verb: Hedies, Hedying, or Hedied. Meaning cussing, verbally abusing, gossiping, and being a fat, wannabe bitch.
Girl 1: Hey guys, wanna come over to my house and hang out?
Hedy: OMG, you're such a wannabe. You bitch.
Girl 1: What the hell? Why are you being such a hedy?
Girl 2: Yea, she just asked if you wanted to come over and hang. Why are you being such a hedy?
Hedy: Shut the fuck up, you motherfuckers.
Girl 1: Whatever, you're such a hedy.
Girl 2: And seriously, what's up with all the fake name brands?
Hedy: I'm not poor like you... LOSER and I'm popular.
Girl 1: Whatever you wanna think...
Hedy: Fuck off.
by sincityisnotactuallysinning April 10, 2010
a large fat male who is black and not dominican rapes little kids in there sleep with is 2 inch pennis
i saw a hedy last nigth
by roylx August 25, 2008
To sweat like a pig.
I was running so much i started to hedy.
by Skeet May 28, 2004
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