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A person that's in a situation that's in a relevantly related to Sonic/Shadow The Hedgehog or Knuckles. It can also be used identify music artist's song(s) that has samples from the Sonic games or a person's clothing style that resembles the same colors of the Sonic and friends characters.
Chris: Can't wait for school tomorrow. Blue shirt, blue jeans, red chucks, I'm hedgehoging it baby!


Steve: Dude! Did you see Michael on the news being chased by the cops?!

Shawn: Yeah man, he was hedgehoging it. The cops don't have a chance at catching him.


Dave: What's going on bro?

Ryan: Nothing much, on the game, hedgehoging it.


Yo, Charles Hamilton is nice! He be hedgehoging those samples.
by versatile thoughts May 02, 2009

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