A Tarzan looking guy who is in love with his hair. He owns a salon known as tarzan trims. He enjoys swinging on vines and pissing his enemy nick off.
He is such a hector.
I agree, look at hair blowing while he's swinging.
by Chiwolf2trey August 03, 2013
A straight edge dildo.
Omg I couldn't get laid last night so I bought me a Hector.
by aggin February 28, 2013
Hector is a good looking guy. Tall, dark, and handsome. Extremely flirtatious but desirable. He is confident, and cocky at times. He's independent and likes to think for himself. He has good morals and is strong in his opinions. He'll put on a good show and a fake smile. But think twice before falling for him. As nice as he may seem, don't trust him. Hectors can be manipulative, and he'll only tell you what you want to hear. He will lie to you and your friends, and he will break your heart.
Hector is the best and worst guy I know.
by mainbae November 28, 2014
A dumb fuck that can't see, hear, read, write, or do any other shit a normal person can do. He is also fat.
You is actin like a real Hector right now.
by whocares9866 May 22, 2015
The biggest ass hole you will ever meet. He is basically made of idiocy and flesh. Thinks he is the greatest human being on the planet, but really he had NO friends. A hector also tends to put people in a bad mood, as well as sucks at singing and all other activities.
Shit I was hanging with hector today, worst decision of my life, I'm in an awful mood now.
by Well fuck me June 25, 2015
A name commonly given to homeless men that offer oral sex in exchange for drugs.
I'm an honest drug dealer, but every now and then I can appreciate a good Hector or two.
by Anonymous0392 January 25, 2011
A prince of Troy who killed achilles's bitch, who was also his cousin... gay incest, because he was pimpin on his turf and trying to take it over. He then got killed by Achilles after he fell over a stone and got concussed. He led the Apollonian Guard who regulary performed drive bys on the Greeks and fucked them up big style. Following his death he was Dragged around the battlefield so that Achilles could rape his dead body... he liked them messy.
I was Hector in a past life, and he could have fucked Achilles
up, castrate him and then make him and then make him eat his own balls as punishment for trying to sell coke on his turf without permission... before he hit the ground.
by King of troy July 10, 2006

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