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Actually, I didn't say what he smells like. So for all I know Hector could be smelling like...um...a computer. Yeah! A Computer! That's right! (Just kidding Hector!) Don't die!
P.S. I'm watching you!!! Muahaha!
...... :} <---(evil grin)

Words related to Hector Smells

hector does not smell. if he did smell like anything it would be sexy....or video games.
Hector does not smell.
by MickeyChickey October 04, 2003
i'm hector...who are all of you...and yes i do smell like video games...perhaps sexy too
who the fuck are you people
by aim sn:Abhorhex November 18, 2003
Obviously some smelly kid no one cares about.
Hecto smells...now die.
by woopie poop April 02, 2003
I don't smell.
WTF are you guys talking about?
I do smell sexy.......and of videogames though!
I smell like a total gamer
by asses March 26, 2005