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4 definitions by asses

A person that erects alot.........
Like me
Im Hector.....an erector
by asses March 26, 2005
When you want to do a girl, you lick her pussy first, then start the banging.
Considered alot by women, that why most guys just get on with the bang her and hang her
Me:Damn, she wanted me to suck her and fuck her last night!
Guy 2:That's harsh man!
by asses April 04, 2005
I don't smell.
WTF are you guys talking about?
I do smell sexy.......and of videogames though!
I smell like a total gamer
by asses March 26, 2005
Big tits that hang from a guys side like Spencers do.
"Wholy shit spencer, you have big bitchtits!!!"
by asses May 28, 2005