A form of Hard Rock that began with Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Purple Haze in the late 1960s and early 70s. Metal is considered the Biggest of the three main forms of Hard Rock, followed by Punk then Grunge. Heavy Metal is composed of big, aggresive sounds produced primarily by electric guitars, bass guitars, and drums. THe vocals are generally very guttural (hoarse and deep voice sounds) or high pithced and shrieking. Metal has almost countless sub-genres including, but not limited to, Hair/Glam Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash, Classic Metal, Nu Metal, Gothic Metal, Black MEtal, Folk Metal, Progressive, and many more.
Some of the greatest Heavy MEtal Bands include Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Iron MAiden, AC/DC, Anthrax, Metallica, KISS, Motley Crue, and Alice Cooper
by northendwhitetrash January 20, 2007
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An excellent animated movie based on the Magazine. The original far outshines it's sequel, Heavy Metal 2000.
Heavy Metal is a great movie, even if it is old and cheap looking.
by jianna April 25, 2004
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I'm also going to delve into this "definition" i suggest that people who know nothing about metal but make accusations anyway look up lyrics to Iron Maiden.

"Can you sing about something else besides Satan?" Try every non-number of the beast iron maiden song.

"Can you sing at all?" Yes. Listen to journeyman. listen to silent lucidity

"Can you not be such goth fucktards?"
Jeans and leather aren't goth

"Can you focus more on music and maybe write some non-retarded lyrics and maybe get someone who can actually sing to sing them?" Pop music is the one that normally has shitty lyrics. Steve harris has a history major, and he writes songs pertaining his knowledge

"Can you make it a little more normal and a little less like goth vampire shit?"
The classic metal clothing is jeans and a t-shirt, or leather. or anything with a "i don't care what you think of me attitude"

"Can you make it a little more closer to rock & roll?" We could, but don't want to

"Can you go five seconds without mentioning Satan?" Hallowed be thy Name, For the Greater Good of God, etc. there's plenty

"^And why the fuck do you do that anyways in the first place?" Shock value

"Do you even know the difference between something that sounds like shit and noise and mud vs. something that actually sounds good?" Silent Lucidity is amazing. Listen to it and tell me i'm wrong. (And It's Queensryche, so it's metal)
Heavy metal takes intelligence and knowledge of music theory (unless you're AC/DC)
by Noob Salad41 August 26, 2008
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A song by Judas Priest, one of the pioneers of heavy metal.
by yeah July 13, 2003
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I really can't blame anyone for hating metal when they get their exposure from headbanger's ball. Understand that true metalheads don't call most of that shit metal. Most of it's there just to sell an image. Most real metal is way underground. You really have to look around to find the good stuff since it's an extreme artform that most people can't appreciate. Chances are that the mall won't carry any good metal except for bay thrash (basically just metallica and megadeth, and even there you have to know what you're looking for.) Instead of giving you a rundown of all the awesome metal bands out there, I'll give you some reasons to be intrigued.

1.True metal is based around a philosophy that one should take action to remake the world as one sees fit. The best example the the phenomenon of black metal. At its beginnings, it was not so much a music genre as an underground social movement, that centered around several bands in Norway such as Mayhem and Burzum. The satanic imagery was used not so much as a litteral reference to Satan as a symbol of the counteraction to Christian culture. The goal of these bands was litterally to rid Norway of Christianity and return it to its pagan roots. People connected with the band did indeed burn churches, but it was not for shock value, it was what they believed in.

2.Much true metal is more technically involved than any other music except for classical and real jazz. Obviously the drums and guitars and very fast, but also death metal is strenuous for the left hand because of the number of diffent notes being played and the unusual orders they come in. Black metal is very layered and harmonic and requires a good understanding of scales and modes. Usually the keyboard parts are very complex. The drumming is also complex, and not just fast, especially with math metal, which is often very syncopated and some bands such as Meshuggah use polymetrics to create an extrordinarily disjointed sound which is difficult for almost anyone to follow. Also the melodic singing is more demanding than most types of music, and even the growling vocals and more difficult to do convincingly than you might imagine.

3.There is more diversity in metal than most genres, everything from the soaring symphonic arrangements of bands like Nightwish and Sonata Arctica to sheer noise and aggression to the barely controlled chaos of the Dillinger Escape Plan to the folk awesomeness of Finntroll and everything in between.

In short, true metal is not about pretense like most of the modrock and fashioncore popular today. Yes, there are some shitty metal bands out there, but if you can find the ones that are there because they believe in themselves and have real talent, you may really start to appreciate them.
see the links in above text
by Salient Alien July 08, 2005
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Heavy metal kicks absolute ass...

It always has...

It speaks for it'self..
The only place some faceless punk could ever say anything about metal is on a web site like this.

Metal has proven it'self and stands the test of time.
Metal is in your heart.
To those who don't understand.... You never will..
And WE don't care..
Metal doesn't need you.
So go dis on punk or emo rap whatever.
WE will always be here.
We could care less what you listen to or how perfect you like your cords.
Wow I just made myself laugh...
Dude metal rocks.
Yes Corrosion of conformity is the baddest band of all time.
What about people who dis Heavy Metal though?
They are probably dising all the new shit that by some accident got called metal.
Anyway they just don't understand and never will so FUCK THEM....
by jody young October 29, 2006
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The movie was good.

aye: "Definition must have at least 20 letters and 3 words."

^does now,roflo
by Bluto May 08, 2005
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