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When an amply bosomed woman breathes deeply and quickly as out of fear, arousal or some other excitement so that her propped-up, pushed-together, plunging-neckline-revealed chest rises and falls vigorously, drawing attention to her heaving cleavage.
We burst into her bedchambers, and at once we could tell that Dracula had just been there seconds before, as evidenced by the dear, tormented lady's wild eyes, languid lips and the violently pumping heavage that threatened to tear the delicate threads of her gossamer nightgown asunder!
by Phraser July 26, 2009
Large breasts in a top so small they seem to lift out of the bra during a breath
Sinisterbytches heavage was so overwhelming that her nipple popped out mid breath
by DONKEYSCHIT November 12, 2003
The act of shoving one's cleavage in another's face. The culprit generally pretends that the act is accidental, though she is conscious of the sexual alarms that ring in others at the sight of large semi-exposed breasts (to make an impact, the cleavage must be pronounced) in our faces.
I noticed Gemma over by your supervisor's desk. She dropped her pen on his chair, literally said "oops" then bent down to give him a full two-second heavage. I guess I know who’s getting that promotion."
by Dizz Markie June 08, 2010
The vomit pooling in the cleavage of a drunk whore at a party.
Jean was covered in her own heavage last night at that party, what a dumb bitch.
by Serial tat-splatter September 08, 2011
breasts that are overflowing a tank-top
'Firecracker's got some serious heavage!!'
by htown November 08, 2003
Pronounciation: ˈhē-vij
Function: noun
Any display of bare midriff by a female or male.
Do you think her heavage looks good?
by norfitz November 30, 2009
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