Real meaning: Someone who doesn't believe there is a God (an atheist)

Modern meaning: An insulting label used by strict religious people sometimes just to atheist/agnostics, but also to anyone who doesn't follow his/her religion.

Note: Calling someone a heathen, depending on the person, could be seen as very disrespectful.
She doesn't go to church??! omg, what a heathen!
by free_thinker April 02, 2008
Someone who is sinful and very promicious, bobbleheads, backstabers, and people Jaleesa does not like.
Heathen are always get caught having sex!!
by Jaleesa Copeland November 29, 2006
I am a heathen, as is every other sexy person in this world, because we are to sexy for the ugly people.
I am a sexxi heathen.
by Allisa November 12, 2004

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