1) A term used to brag about a girl and/or an assortment of girls who are basically on your jock so hardcore, it's as if they are desperate for your attention.

2) When a girl is just as in love with you as much as you want to hook up. Usually though if she has a Heart On for you you can get with it but shaking her off might be a little sketchy because chances are she will turn crazy. Overall when a girl has a Heart On, it is such a high level of desire and want, that your situation is probably better off just finding another girl, although it is a fun time telling your buddies about it.
1) J-Bacon-This girl has such a Heart On for me brah, it's ridiculous. I haven't even been trying and I think she is falling in love.

2) J-Bacon- I cant help but feel your starting to get quite the Heart On for me and I just want you to know that I'm not down for that, so don't go getting all crazy and looney on me if I choose to hook up with you and not support your child.
by J-Bacon August 15, 2011
Top Definition
It's like a "hard on", but with feelings and shit
One Direction's new song really gave me a heart on, for real.
by BORIZ January 28, 2014
When you really fancy someone and whenever you're around them your heart starts beating faster. Blood flow to the heart, resulting in a heart-on (punned with the more familiar "hard-on"). Sweet!
"You give me a real heart-on girl"
by Horse26 July 22, 2008
1. To warm one's heart.
2. Feeling awe, astonishment, surprise, or admiration.
The way Vicki Valerie sings gives me a major heart-on!
by Mark Sebastian October 09, 2004
It use in the 90s mostly, for guys when he have an hard dick for someone.
1.It's hard to sit still, because I got an heart on for her.
2 I can't get up right now.
by Knk October 29, 2006
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