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<n> - A beanie with a hat brim built in. Brim is shorter than a standard hat brim.

<n> - A hat brim on a beanie. Brim is shorter than a standard hat brim.

*Note* Often debated as being called a Heanie - "A short hat brim on a beanie" or a Bnat - "A beanie with a short hat brim"

Never to be called a Bnat!!!! It was decided....
I have my heanie to keep my ears warm.
by Ians November 19, 2013
The items of clothing worn on your head, that looks like a beanie, but has the ears covered also, with strings (strings are optional). Often worn at the snow.
Paul: 'What are you wearing to the snow?'
Marvin: 'Prolly my jumper, long pants and a heanie.'
by diegotiberious August 24, 2009

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