Headass is basically an exclamation about something, like Oh Wow or God Dang!
Headass! Are you seriously?
by MiyMiy December 20, 2007
Top Definition
1. A generic insult
2. An insult that attacks a person's intellegence
Tom's headass just got suspended for drinking in school.
by ethswriter June 07, 2009
1. A term used when one says something either obscured, unbelievable, or stupid (when trying to be funny)
2. A term used at the end of an insult when talking about someone
Ex 1: (Nerdy boy & Regular Boy Conversation)
Nerd: Guess what bro?
Boy: What is it?
Nerd: I be pulling tons of females!!!
Boy: Headass!!

Ex 2: (When talking to someone with a big head)
Bully: Man if you don't get your gumball machine headass away from me.
by DFW817 February 25, 2013
Not really, no way. Something that isn't true. Something that you are not going to do or not involved with.
Boy 1 - Aye you see that girl?
Boy 2 - Yeah
Boy 1 - She fine right?
Boy 2 - HEAD ASS!
Boy 1 - Can I borrow a dollar
Boy 2 - ummm.. head ass....
by MaFuRandolph94 September 02, 2010
A derogatory term for a person whose constant social faux pas, obnoxious mannerisms, unrealistic expectations and general ineptitude render them bothersome to an inordinate degree.
Wow, Emmett spilled tea on himself in the middle of class while discussing The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; he is indeed a headass.
by Guildensternenstein April 28, 2010
Most commonly used to describe either a person that looks or does something stupid and/or embarrassing.
As Jonathan runs at Taz and trips over his own foot, Cameron yells "HEAD ASS."
by 6figure January 17, 2011
what u say sometimes to end ur sentence while fryin sumeone
u ugly ass bitch I told ur ass not 2 click here so now ima fry da shit out of u. u old flabby neck tight chin wide foot ass nigga. u lil %n in da face ass bitch. u lil slum ass i dont brush my teeth so my breath smells like piss in da snow head ass. im bout 2 keep fryin u till u leave this link u ugly ass monster. dats y u be scrapin gum off da sidewalk with ur front teeth and ur eyebrows connct like legos. u smell like 2 jamican opossums havin sex under a leaf in da hot ass sun. y didny u leave yet u slum ass wet neck get wit. iight im done. I fried u get da fuck off my page. iight holla 4 a dolla fuck 4 a buck and do sumthin freaky thangz for a lil change you just got fried
by and1 April 20, 2005
Someone who says, or does, stupid shit.
Nick just spilled his water all over the table, what a head ass.
by sSsprite June 05, 2016
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