Top Definition
When a man farts while receiving oral sex
Dude, she must have been pretty wasted because she kept going while I hit her with some thick head wind
by Buddy Gold January 05, 2011
the act of farting while getting a blowjob.
"it was going great, but then she stopped after i gave her some strong headwind."
by shameetskeed April 14, 2008
when having anal sex and the woman farts you get a little head wind.
I was doing this chick (anal) and she gave me head wind.
by Dusty Bottoms 69 June 06, 2007
Head wind is when you are getting head and the giver has to take a breath with your dong still in her mouth.
Bitch was suckin it so long she gave me head wind just to catch her breath.
by Madmike135 December 14, 2009

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