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Ususally plural, since it requires a hard on and a turtle head at the same time. Also known as a Double ender.
He left in a real hurry after he said he was pushin cotton. I think he got excited too because when he stood up he had a double ended underwear boat goin on.
by madmike135 December 09, 2011
When a female needs to change male partners in order to achieve sexual gratification.
That prostitute pissed me off when did a POLE SHIFT and went to my homie to finish a her nut. Bitch!!
by Madmike135 May 06, 2010
Head wind is when you are getting head and the giver has to take a breath with your dong still in her mouth.
Bitch was suckin it so long she gave me head wind just to catch her breath.
by Madmike135 December 14, 2009

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