The act of passing out on one's keyboard to create a long line of random key strokes in a chat room.
<CoolGuy105> lulz that guy got pwnd XD
<UpYours420> Ha, suck on that bee-otch
<ThatGuyOverThere> I think he did pretty good.
<CoolGuy105> wtf
<noobKnight> k,,,,,,,,,llll,hjgnhjkh,khl.;/'
<UpYour420> dude i think he passed out
<noobKnight> wrgfwirfhiwrljgtbmhnjmk.;;./
<CoolGuy105> dammit were getting head spamed.
by JoshMi July 27, 2011
When useless things become embedded in your brain and you keep thinking about it all the time.
"Dude, that song is whack! But it's so catchy I've got it stuck in my head now. Major Head Spam!"
by HeadSpamdotblogspotdotcom January 31, 2010

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