The greatest (and possibly gayest) hero of the 80s

AKA prince Adam of ETERNIA

He wears a loincloth and wields the magic Sword of grayskull,known to be the most powerful man in the universe, too bad he's too much off a pussy to bone the sorceress, let alone Teila-the biggest whore of all the land

He-man is awesome and can kick Optimus Primes metal ass
by Matt Inglese January 20, 2008
Top Definition
as a verb, to ejaculate, whether on purpose or by accident, into the pubic hair of somebody (or your own) causing it to thicken and matte like the loin clothes found on He-Man figures.
I pulled out just in time, but ended up He-Maning her.
by veerhen February 01, 2008
The original ambiguously gay hero. A great cartoon, but strangely homoerotic
A leather singlet, shaggy, but neatly groomed blonde hair, and briefs? You do the math.
by WadaTah November 21, 2003
A profound, wonderful cartoon from the early 80's. I tuned in every day to watch He-man say 'by the power of grayskull' and kick Skeletor's butt. One day I hope to meet him in person. 8¬)
He-man, he-man etc
by she-ra November 04, 2003
AKA Prince Adam, One of the Master's of the Universe. Transforms into He Man after saying "By the power of Grayskull...I have the power!!"
"Quickly, Distroy He Man before me ruin's my plans!"
by PimpWyld November 05, 2003
the epitome of manliness, what all men strive to be like
He's incredible, now THATS a he man!
by Wesley H May 28, 2007
(verb)Before ejaculating onto a girls face shout out "by the power of grey skull", then while ejaculating onto her face yell "I have the power"
she doesnt swallow so i had to give her the he-man
by jimmys,corey June 11, 2007
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