A guys state of mind after he sees the girl of his dreams...He just can't believe it.
Mama, I'm hazy, that girl is your future daughter in law.
by bobina December 11, 1999
Top Definition
A word that always fuckin comes up when u hit random on urban dictionary.
See ducket.
fuckin hazy again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Estafon November 23, 2005
hazy is how you feel after you have smoked a fat blunt of marijuana or it is the cloud of smoke that appears in the room after you have smoked a fat blunt of marijuana...
Dang, that erf got me feelin' kinda hazy...

The room kinda hazy, we betta dip for the boyz come!
by C.dot November 03, 2005
Unclear, faint, or vague.
Absentminded, lacking focus, as if in a fog.
I think the project's due on Monday, but I'm a little hazy on the details.

My brain's a little hazy, I forgot my backpack on the bus this morning.
by Onomatopoeia November 11, 2005
the sort of eyes that we wont stand for anymore
smoked out in the back of the van
by StandardLines February 12, 2004
when you don't have enough energy to go get food due to lack of food causing you to be both hungry and lazy
Son: can you get me a sandwich?

Mom: No! stop being so damn hazy and get it yourself
by jimanator February 07, 2011
The word most likely to appear when the 'random' button is pressed on urbandictionary.com
Oh my god, not "Hazy" again, I already know that it means that its how you feel when you see the girl of your dreams
by auff November 22, 2005
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