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Similar to a hangover, but as a result of smoking weed. Effects are usually delayed thought, foggy senses, and lingering desire to eat.
Alaina: I can't believe you got robbed last night, did you report it?
Shelia: Yeah but it could have been worse; I was in such a hazeover from yesterday that I almost walked into the police station with $20 worth of weed on me.
by ElenaSpain April 04, 2009
You smoke some really good dro and go to bed pretty high. The next day you feel all hazy, fuzzy and unfocused. That's a haze-over!
"Bro, I can't do any work today...Kathy brought over some super tasty sour D. We crashed soon after getting super effed."

"Wowzers, I wish I had a haze-over! I have a lot of boring stuff to do nice to just zone out."
by JohntheSeal April 23, 2011
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