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Similar to a hangover, but as a result of smoking weed. Effects are usually delayed thought, foggy senses, and lingering desire to eat.
Alaina: I can't believe you got robbed last night, did you report it?
Shelia: Yeah but it could have been worse; I was in such a hazeover from yesterday that I almost walked into the police station with $20 worth of weed on me.
by ElenaSpain April 04, 2009
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You smoke some really good dro and go to bed pretty high. The next day you feel all hazy, fuzzy and unfocused. That's a haze-over!
"Bro, I can't do any work today...Kathy brought over some super tasty sour D. We crashed soon after getting super effed."

"Wowzers, I wish I had a haze-over! I have a lot of boring stuff to do today...be nice to just zone out."
by JohntheSeal April 23, 2011
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