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A strong willed crazy girl, that enjoys attention! She will always be there for you as long as you treat her right, but make her mad, and you don't want to hang around. Usually a dark haired girl. She will be up for any kind of change! Dyed hair? HELL YEAH! Tattoos? She is there!
That girl is WILD, she must be a HAYLEA!
by oognomeoo February 03, 2010
The name Haylea is normally given to one who is extremely sexually appealing. Usually blonde (sometimes a red head) with blue eyes & big boobs, she will always be wanted by members of the oppostie sex. Amazing in bed and gets turned on easily. Also a really big tease, she knows just how to tease her partner.
Guy1: Dude, see that chick over there?
Guy2: Yeah, man...she totally looksa like a Haylea.
Guy1: Wow!
by Hebbers. September 06, 2008
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