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An adjective, describing 'a situation so unbelievably awkward it rivals Hawkman's backstory and continuity issues.'
After seeing Carter naked, it's now been incredibly 'hawkward' to be around him.
by MrChrisHansen May 29, 2011
9 14
When two hawks are in a telephone booth together.
"well...this is hawkward."
by bruby gruby harubsdays March 08, 2010
152 61
A term used to describe relationships, usually of a sexual or intimate nature, between a human male, or female, and a bird of prey, gender unimportant.
The relationship between the characters Rachel and Tobias in the Young Audience series Animorphs, by K.A. Applegate (published by Scholastic inc.) is hawkward.
by Animorphs: The Radio Drama December 20, 2008
173 90
Something that is simultaneously hot and awkward. Why spend the time saying "I find this situation is both hot and awkward?" When you could just say "This is hawkward." Or better yet, just pause and say "Hawkward!"

When something is hot, in a sexual way, while being awkward too.
(Me and my sister are making out with each other.)
Sister: "OMG. You are a really good kisser!"
Me: "You are too, sis! Wow! This is hawkward!!!! LOL!"
Sister: "Def. What time is mom coming home?"
Me: "Not for another half hour."
(We resume making out.)
by TryTbone November 10, 2012
54 8
When the Hawkman makes something "Awkward"
Hawkman: Dude that chick is hot as balls! Id do her!

Guy 2: Dude thats my sister...

Hawkman: Well still.

Guy 2: Hawkwarddd....
by hawkman123456789 September 04, 2011
34 24
Something awkward and uncomfortable; a variation of the awkward turtle. When something hawkward occurs, bend your elbows up at your sides and flap your hands.
Oh no, she just heard us talking about her! That's so hawkward!
by Hedy La Rue April 07, 2011
45 35
The awkward pause in conversation when driving down the road with a bunch of friends looking for hawks.
Person 1: "Man, check it out! There are two hawks on the same lamp post!"
Person 2: "I saw that the other day when I was driving into work. It's crazy when that happens."
Hawkward pause
Person 1:"yeah"
by Manda1178 January 14, 2011
49 42
a person who has hawk-like traits and is awkward at the same time
oh thats hawkward
by emilyhawk May 02, 2011
10 12